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June 8th

We headed off to the “Whistling Duck’s Pond” again this morning. Since we couldn’t spay Molly yesterday because of the heat (she would metabolize the anesthetics a lot faster), we did it today early in the morning. Cora got the chance to help Dr. Eduardo with the surgery today. Not far into the surgery Molly began to wake up. She is an obese dog and with the heat, she was metabolizing way too fast. Dr. Eduardo was pulling on her ovaries when she suddenly started whimpering, all the dogs around started howling and growling. More anesthetics were rushed into her. They took several seconds to kick in again though.  How terrible. After that I clipped Happy’s nails and checked her stitches from yesterday. She peed on the spot when she saw me approach her. I think she knew I had messed with her spay the day before. After the spay, we went to another farm to de-worm and give B-Vitamins to some goats and five cattle. The goats got a subcutaneous shot which was easy considering the animals can be held still for a while. However, the big goats weren’t being carried; they were on a rope from around their necks. One kept on moving so the handler tightened his grip. You could just suddenly see the goat’s eyes kind of pop out. The handler let go of the goat and the goat just dropped on the ground. It was nearly strangled to death, but then the handler pumped the goat’s stomach while another man opened the mouth. This brought the goat back. The cattle were a lot harder than the goats. We did intramuscular vaccines on these. I bent the needle once and squirted some of the medication out the second time (the needle just bounced back from the skin). We then moved on to yet another farm where we worked with sheep. The sheep were also de-wormed but theirs was oral. It was fun seeing the sheep run around as they were being chased for their medication. Then two male sheep were castrated. The surgeries were very quick and I was surprised to hear no sound of pain from the animals even without anesthesia. Once the surgeries were done, they walked kind of funny into the pack again. There is this huge moth by our water outside. It is red with black, the size of my hand. Lesson of the day, stab hard at a cow for a vaccine or you won’t be able to puncture.

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