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June 7th

I decided to wear a romper today seeing as we pretty much have planned out our weekends and all of them are something in the jungle and today was going to be a lecture day. Well we get to lecture and Dr. Eduardo looks at us all like “why aren’t you ready to go out to the field?” After lecture and lunch we came back to the lodge to change into scrubs and get our medical supplies. So we get to the first farm we were going to be working at. There were two female dogs that needed to be spayed. Dr. Eduardo asked if any of us had our gloves on. I rushed to put mine on. It was so exciting. He choked the first ovary and I did the second. He then cut of the ovaries and uterus. After the surgery was complete he showed me how to do a simple stitch. He did the first two and I did the rest. We were done with my first spay in no time. She was up and running after a couple of hours. After that we went to the stables at the farm and we did a physical examination on some foals and their mothers. We were in groups of two, each group working with our own pair of horses. It was quite something to listen to their harts, lungs, GI tracks, examine their teeth and the rest that comes with it. When de-worming time came, my partner Chelsea (from Maine) did that.  We were pretty much done with class for the day but Dr. Eduardo asked us if we wanted to go to another house to check a call he received for a cat. When we reached the house the old lady was wearing tiny shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt. The men were in towels. That was weird, but let’s get back to the cat. We entered the house to find the cat twitching on the floor. He was in the final rabies stage, at paralysis. He was foaming at the mouth and the eyes were dilated. Dr. Eduardo had to put him down. At first everyone in the household said that none of them had been scratched or bitten or had touched the saliva of the cat. Then suddenly they all started “remembering” scratches. The lady even asked that if she didn’t go get the rabies shots, how long she would have to live. She said it is probably her natural way of dying. Well if she wants to die from a paralysis in five days, we can’t stop her. Lesson for the day, five shots are better than death.

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