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June 6th

We had eggs in a nest for breakfast this morning. They are pretty much sunny side up eggs on a slice of bread. I put a lot of salsa on them. They were so good. Of course, we had watermelon juice, yum. During breakfast Cynthia came around and I was able to switch over to the large animal group.  I was very happy about that. We had our first day of class today. We went to a campus that serves as a high school by day and a junior college by night. During the morning, Dr. Kirstin who is German and has a really cool accent, taught us about the teeth and mouth anatomy of a horse. I personally am intrigued by this, ever since I first heard some of it from Mr. Joby Priest and Dr. Clint Loest at NMSU. I think I’m going to do an equine emphasis, with a dental surgery and nutritionist thing in vet school. I don’t know. We will see. For lunch Cora, Delayna, and I packed lunch in a cooler that the lodge owners let us borrow. We all had lunch in the staff area at campus. After lunch, Justin, Dr. Isabelle’s husband took us to some really neat places on campus. We saw some tiny lizards that shoot out of sight as soon as they see you, all in one little area, and above on the branches of some trees, there were these big iguanas. Apparently the caretakers at the school take out cantaloupe for them every once in a while and there are like 30 in that one little area. Justin said we should try to bribe them down one day with the fallen mangoes and figs from trees. We saw this one spider fig tree. It is parasitic and grows off of other trees. As it grows older, it wraps itself around the host and eventually kills the host tree. We saw some clovers, but weren’t able to find a four leaf clover. I got a really pretty flower and put it on my hair. The perfect accessory. After lunch, Dr Kirstin went over the anatomy of a horse. It was a repetition of what I had seen in several classes before so I wasn’t very thrilled hearing about that. But we will have a horseback riding session in about a week and half so that is a plus. Coming back we stopped by at a place called Sweet Ting. Super cute place with super nice people. We were all laughing at this one adorable little boy who just wanted to get everything, but not annoyingly. Delayna and I got a cherry cheesecake for the both of us. Once we got back to the lodge. Cora and I were going to go for a run at the trail the lodge has, but as we tried to follow it, it seemed to only lead you to the middle of the jungle with no way of telling you were to continue. We decided not to do that instead. We did go for a 10 minute jog down and up the roadway to the lodge, but goodness it is so humid it was hard to breath. I’m sure I was holding back Cora because she could have probably kept on going. As it is, when we got back to our room she went straight to a core work-out. As she went in for a rinse off one by one bugs started to appear in our room. I killed one, then another. A couple seconds then another. Soon we were getting attacked by them it seemed. It was so gross. After having a bug massacre in our room we went down to dinner. We had chicken pot pie. It was very, very good. While at dinner the same little flying bugs with the leaf-life wings appeared. We soon had a few in our meals and drinks. Delayna looked at it positively saying we were getting our protein. Coming back up to our room after dinner, (we had put a towel under our door to keep the bugs out) Cora had to spray our room with bug repellent. Our floor was littered with what turned out to be flying termites. Apparently they come after a big rain (we had one last night) and live for one day. Great, now we are going to have tons of dead bugs everywhere by this time tomorrow. Anyway, today Cora and I found out we have the same birthday. Too bad it lands on a test day for us. So I’m debating. I don’t know when I should call over, Carolina’s birthday or father’s day? Lesson for the day-bug repellent around the door and window is an excellent idea when you get a swarm of bugs this big.

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