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June 4th

We had banana pancakes with papaya preserves for breakfast. We then went to town. We were warned of vocal males and we actually did have one person during the tour “picking which girl he liked best.  We then had some free time at the farmers market. It is brilliant. I will definitely do some souvenir shopping there. I think I want to get one of these really cool plaques they were selling for my mom and a CD of local music for me.  At first it felt like everywhere we went, eyes followed us, and they did, but now I have gotten used to it. Both English and Spanish are spoken here. Apparently there is a high rate of HIV here. There are signs everywhere by the government promoting protection. We went to go eat at a restaurant with good food. It was trippy that while our idea of playgrounds in restaurants we think of McDonalds or Burger King play sets, here it is literally monkey bars with swings. When we got back some of the girls decided to go to see some local Maya ruins. Some of us were too tired and stayed behind to relax at the pool. While at the pool I couldn’t help thinking another Jurassic Park movie could totally be filmed here. I had to draw a dino and take a picture of it with the jungle in the background.  Once the girls got back from the ruins, we all went into town for dinner. Our cab drivers were Daniella and her mom. They are the only female cab drivers in the city. My oh my were they funny. The mom told us she recently moved to a farm in the middle of the jungle. When her daughter asked her why, she said it was to make her life-long dream come true. She could walk in her backyard naked. We ate at Ha-na’s. It was very good but the bill was very confusing. They insisted on giving us one bill for all. We had to really work our way through the currency differences and what we each ordered to get the right amount of money for the bill. Coming back to the lodge, only Daniella drove us back. She did three trips to pick us all up. While we waited for her, people from a car started calling our direction. Boy was I relieved when two girls got off and they directed the conversation to some people behind us. The guard for the lodge began talking to me. He is Mayan. I think Pablo was his name. He was telling me about the songs of the day and the night. I heard a monkey. And here, the geckos sound like birds. I also haven’t minded all the bugs, weird. Pablo was saying he likes to hunt and that during the day you can hear the monkies snoring inside the trees. He was naming so many animals that I don’t remember them. He then said that if we ever wanted to learn Mayamopan, he could teach us.

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