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June 3rd

Okay. So we get to the Houston airport and we had to take a train. The first plane was really small that even I was surprised it was that small. The second was big and more like what I expected. Houston airport= huge. We get to the Belize airport… size of three houses. And it was weird going trough immigration although fast. Belize is soooooo lush and green. There were wildfires that spontaneously happened then you could see the green start to come out again. Weird. The houses are on wooden beams as a form of protection against roaring waters. The cemetery has tombstones above ground so that the caskets don’t get washed away in heavy rain. You know how over there you may suddenly see a dog beside the street. Over here u suddenly see a horse or cow beside the street. HAHAHAHA. The music is all Jamaican style in my view. The food is great. If you let your towel to dry over night without air hitting it from outside…it might not dry because it is that humid. The lodge owners gave us clothes pins to hang them outside. Can’t tonight though, it’s raining. Workers at the lodge say that clothes could literally grow mold from the humidity here when you are trying to dry them.  Tomorrow we are going to go see the city.

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