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June 13th

Last night we had a thunder storm. It was so loud and resounding, but nice at the same time. We got another downpour this morning. As we ate breakfast I enjoyed so much the clatter of the fat rain drops on the tin roof, the sound of the water creating puddles, and smacking the huge jungle leaves this way and that. At the edge of the roof, where the water rolls down, it looked like a waterfall.

We went to the college today. We were all hiding under our umbrellas, but as we walked on campus, I figured it was ridicules’ to be hiding like that from such glorious rain. From one part, the leaves kept hitting my umbrella, which I could have dealt with. On the other part, when I took down the umbrella and felt a sprinkle a little on the heavy side hit me, I loved it. We were no longer under a thunderstorm, but a sweet rain.

Lecture was on reproduction and artificial insemination since that is what we will be focusing on this week. Lecture made me awfully sleepy after the first couple of hours. I was desperate to keep myself awake and not be rude to Dr. Eduardo or Dr. Kirsten by falling asleep. We had lunch in town. I had a very good smoked ham salad. Then I went to buy lace tennis. I found some super cute white and yellow tennis in the third store we went into.

Coming back to the lodge meant working on our presentation for this Friday. I worked on it for a couple of hours; Cora is working on it now. Lesson of the day – sometimes rain can breathe a new breath into you, so don’t avoid it at all costs.

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