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June 10th

We started the morning by going back to Whistling Ducks to check up on Molly after her spay. Turns out she had gone to hide after we left and removed all the stitches. Dr. Eduardo went in and re-stitched her up, but used a different stitch this time. He sewed her up from inside the muscle (not the same stitch we learned yesterday) so that no matter if she bit at it again, she would not be able to remove the stitches again. We then headed to another farm that raises race horses. The horses we saw were two half Appaloosas and two Arabians. The Arabian male was gorgeous. When the owner took him out he told us all to back off, then was surprised he was behaving. Apparently he is normally a feisty one. So we got back in partners and did a physical examination on them. Dr. Kirsten then floated their teeth. Dr. Eduardo and Dr. Kirsten asked us if we wanted to try floating teeth. I didn’t want to hurt the horses so I opted not to. After the horses, we were supposed to go horseback riding for two hours, but Dr. Eduardo got an emergency call. We all followed him into the Traditional Mennonite community where everyone drives buggies, has home-made clothes, and have a long beard. I wanted a picture of them very badly, but it would have been rude. Anyway, in this community there were two cows that needed veterinary care. One had a vaginal prolapse. Dr. Eduardo cleaned the uterus, pushed it back into her body, sewed her up, and gave her a vitamin shoot. Apparently just as long as the uterus in inside the body, the swelling will go down on its own. After this we went back to Barton Creek but this time we went from behind. Cora, Delayna, and I went with Dr. Kirsten on the way to the creek on this really cool wooden bridge over the river that shook when you jumped on it. Cora jumped, no one else did. Anyway, there was a cabin and hammocks and a rope swing over the water where everyone was jumping from. The water was pretty shallow and Delayna and I spent most of our time there trying to catch a fish with a bag again. We still have no pet while we stay here. Now if Cora and I could only come up with a topic for our presentation next week. Lesson of the day – a plastic bag and some corn chips are not enough to catch fish.

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